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CIRQUE DU SOLEIL | Kurios Storybook

The Situation: In early 2014 I was approached by Cirque du Soleil to work on this little gem of a project. The idea, to create a non-traditional promotional package that told the story of Kurios through the eyes of the "Searcher" – the Kurios Mad Scientist. And to tell it through his eyes as if we were reading his notebook. This was created while the development of the show was still in progress, thus I had a behind-the-scenes opportunity to actually see the show in rehearsals to give me an overall idea of the true essence of the show. This was a true creative collaboration on all levels with the Art Director and Illustrators to pull together a unique storybook "The Kurios Files" that gave audiences a hint of what was to come without giving too much away.

Client: Cirque du Soleil
Art Director: Michel Dalpé
Client Services: Brigitte Robillard
Project Manager: Karine Hachey
Copywriter: Marcus Hildebrandt, The English Department